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High Gloss Coat

The High Gloss Coat is a high gloss cover stock with a solid color under the smooth glossy finish.  It comes in  navy, maroon, black, linen textured white and smooth glossy white.

It may be imprinted in any contrasting color.  For foil imprint colors see the foil page.   The layout may be in any font (see font page), and the artwork logo may be any of our stock logos (see artwork logo page) or it may be any black on white artwork that you supply.  The text may be up to eight lines.    We can do more lines but, anything over eight may look a bit crowded.

The overall ticket size is 2.5 X 4 inches, and the imprint area is 2 x 3.5 inches.

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Price for the High Gloss Coat Tickets:

      50..... $1.20 each      75..... $ 1.05 each     100..... $ .88 each

    125..... $ .65 each    150..... $ .58 each     175..... $ .57 each

    200..... $ .55 each    225..... $ .48 each     250..... $ .46 each

    275..... $ .44 each    300-400 $.43 each     401-500 $.42 each

    501 and more $ .41 each  Order in 25's (minimum order is 50)

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(Color, tone, lightness, darkness, and texture of these GIF files may appear differently on different monitors.  If you would like to se a sample of the cover stock and the imprint foil please email us with your name and address and we will send one out.  Specify stock type and color.)


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